What is Remote Online Notarization (RON) Closing?

remote online notarization

The range of services you can access online grows every year. For many, that now includes the ability to close a real estate deal. With remote online notarization closing, real estate documents can be signed online.

This leaves many wondering about RON closings and how they work. What kind of process do you have to follow? How secure is the process? Can you use RON to close your next real estate deal?

What is Remote Online Notarization Closing?

The use of online notary services has been increasing for some time now. States are also starting to pass laws that allow online notaries to serve more functions. One of these functions is remote online notarization for closing real estate deals.

With RON, the signers do not have to meet with the notary in person. Instead, you handle the process online using live video and audio. There will be protocols for verifying the signer’s identity and applying e-signatures. The notaries also have the technology for applying their seal digitally.

How does it work?

The process for remote online notarization will vary depending on a range of factors. This section will cover some of the steps that go into RON closings.

1. Establish a meeting time and platform for the notary service. Most online notaries use secure online platforms that work in a standard browser.

2. Upload the documents to the notary platform. The signer should review the documents and check the session’s requirements before the meeting.

3. The signer will need to follow the requirements for identity verification, which could include uploading a clear image of a government-issued ID.

4. The notary and signer will need to sign in to the platform on the closing day.

5. There will be additional ID verification steps at this point. The signer might need to answer verification questions. The platform may also require the signer to hold the ID up on the live video feed.

6. With the confirmation of the signer’s identity, the notary session will begin. The notary and signer will review the documents together. The signer will apply the e-signature, and the notary will confirm the process and apply their seal.

With the process complete, copies of the notarized documents and the video session will be saved to secure storage. Copies of the documents and video session will also be available to the relevant parties.

Various methods for online closing are becoming more common for real estate deals. Contact Title Group of Tennessee to learn more about RON and how it may affect your closing. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.