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May 19, 2022
risks of no title insurance

Risks of No Title Insurance on Your Property

When purchasing a home, most people consider title insurance an essential part of the process. Title insurance is a must to protect yourself from unforeseen property issues. However, what if you don’t buy a policy? Are there risks of no title insurance on your property? Read on to find out the answer. Unknown Liens on the Title Title insurance can […]
April 21, 2022
benefits of having title insurance

4 Benefits of Having Title Insurance

What are the benefits of having title insurance? If you’re thinking about buying a house, it’s essential to understand title insurance and how it benefits you. Title insurance is not one of those things that homebuyers pay attention to until they need it. Most people sign on the dotted line without giving title insurance a second thought which could be […]
April 14, 2022
title process in real estate

What is the Title Process in Real Estate?

The title process in real estate is a set of procedures performed to ensure that the property in question has a clear title or is free and clear of any legal claims. The title process is vital to real estate transactions because it guarantees that the person selling the property has the right to do so. It also gives the […]
April 7, 2022
types of title insurance

What Are the 2 Types of Title Insurance?

When you purchase a property, you are responsible for ensuring that the title is clear before you close on the property. A lien or mortgage could be attached to your home without your knowledge, and your ownership could be contested. Title insurance prevents this by protecting you against financial loss after your purchase. It also protects lenders related to these […]
March 31, 2022
title company in dickson tn

Why Hire a Title Company

Buying a new home can be stressful, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process. When you’re ready to close on your property and sign the papers, you want to make sure everything is in order. A good title company in will ensure this happens. Here are four more reasons why you should hire a title company when purchasing a property: […]
March 24, 2022
title companies in the homebuying process

What Are the Roles of Title Companies in the Homebuying Process?

What is a title company’s role in the homebuying process, and why do you need one?  Title companies are a critical part of the homebuying process. While buying a house for the first time can be challenging, it doesn’t have to be. Most people don’t think of the title company as one of the key players in this process. However, […]
January 25, 2018

Don’t Fall For These Myths About Owner’s Title Insurance

During a real estate transaction, expenses can add up quickly for a buyer. There’s the earnest money, home inspection, down payment, closing costs, and the cost of moving. This is why many buyers will skip getting owner’s title insurance. It’s important, though, before you say no to owner’s title insurance, you understand what you’re giving up. Before you refuse owner’s […]
February 8, 2017

Simple Guide: Ways To Take Title In Tennessee

Have you thought about how you will take title when you buy a home? If you’re like most buyers, you probably haven’t. Oftentimes, in all of the craziness of buying a home, it’s probably not even something that has crossed your mind. In this post, we’ll take a quick look at some of the most common ways to take title […]
September 1, 2016

Don’t Need Owner’s Title Insurance? Think Again

Before you say no to owner’s title insurance, it’s important that you know what you’re giving up. Many buyers will opt out of purchasing owner’s title insurance in order to save a little money. Unfortunately, many of these buyers don’t understand the importance of an owner’s policy when they buy a Knoxville home. Many buyers often say they don’t need an owner’s […]