Holding Title

April 6, 2023
what is title examination

What is Title Examination and Why It’s Vital in Property Transactions

What is title examination? It's a search of the records associated with a title. Read more about its importance in property transactions.
March 30, 2023
Quitclaim deeds in divorce or separation

Navigating Quitclaim Deeds in Divorce or Separation Proceedings

Learn how to use quitclaim deeds in divorce or separation to ensure proper division of assets between both parties.
March 24, 2023
role of deeds

Unlocking the Role of Deeds in Probate and Estate Planning

Planning deeds can avoid future complications. That's why it's crucial to understand the role of deeds as part of estate planning.
March 16, 2023
Correcting deed errors on property deeds

Guide to Correcting Errors on Property Deeds

Read the complete guide for correcting deed errors on property deeds for a seamless transaction for transferring property ownership.
September 22, 2022
Ways To Hold Title

3 Other Ways To Hold Title

Find out practical and professional ways to hold a title. Learn how you can hold a title as an individual or group.
August 25, 2022
holding title to real estate

FAQs About Holding Title To Real Estate

Most people don’t think much about property titles. Even property owners often fail to consider various implications of holding title to real estate. They become interested only when they need to do something with a title. Common questions come up when people need to know more about titles. This post will cover FAQs about holding a real estate title. Common […]
August 18, 2022
tenancy by entirety

Tenancy by Entirety Title: Benefits and Pitfalls

There are 3 ways to hold title in Tennessee. This post briefly explains the pros and cons of tenancy by entirety. Title Group of Tennessee.
August 11, 2022
tenants in common

Tenancy in Common Title: Pros and Cons

Title terms are tough to understand. Here's is a brief post about the pros and cons of taking title in tenancy in common. Click here!
August 4, 2022
joint tenancy

Pros and Cons of Joint Tenancy

Wondering what joint tenancy is? Here's a brief, simple to understand post on joint tenancy in Tennessee. Click here!