4 Benefits of Witness Closing that Homebuyers and Sellers Need to Know

Benefits of witness closing

Buyers and sellers have much to consider when closing a home sale. The actual closing date is a big deal. It is when the parties finalize the sale. The agent releases funds to the seller, and the buyer gets the title to the property. Traditionally, the closing would occur with all parties in one place. However, witness closings offer an alternative that could be useful for buyers and sellers. This post will cover the benefits of using a witness closing.

The Benefits of Witness Closing for a Home Sale

Witness closing is a process that allows the parties to close the deal without meeting in the same place. The different parties sign and have the documents notarized separately. They then send the documents to the closing agent to finalize the deal.

No Need to Meet at the Same Time

One of the primary benefits is that the parties can meet at different times. People are busy, and coordinating a meeting that works for everyone can take time and effort. All you need to do is meet with a notary so they can witness the signing and notarize the documents. A witness closing can make fitting the signing process into your schedule more manageable.

Close From Anywhere

Another benefit is that it offers flexibility in deciding where to handle the signing. You don’t need to go to the office of a real estate agent, title company, or attorney to sign. The signing for a witness closing can occur anywhere you can meet with a notary. It could be a bank around the corner from your house. A mobile notary could meet you at home, your office, or a local coffee shop. You might even be able to use an online notary for closing.

Long-Distance Closing

Witness closings allow people to close on a sale from anywhere, even from the other side of the country. If you have moved out of state but have yet to sell your old home, a witness closing allows you to finalize the sale without having to meet with the buyer and closing agent in person.

More Flexibility

The bottom line is that witness closings offer more flexibility to buyers and sellers. You have more options for times and places to handle signing the closing documents. It makes closing easier to fit into your busy life. Witness closing can also reduce the stress and hassle of traditional closing processes.

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